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First Standing Committee of the Convocation, with its term of office running from 1 January 2008 to 31 December 2009, executes duties as stipulated in the Constitution of the Convocation.


Lee Chung Wah, Patrick 李仲華
BSc (Hons) Information Technology (1991)
PGC Counselling (2006)


Lee Li Wai King, Stella 李惠琼
PGD Corporation Administration (2000)
MA Professional Accounting and Information System (2003)

Ma Wai Kit, Will 馬偉傑
BA (Hons) Business Studies (1990)

Tsoi Wing Leung, Joseph 蔡永亮
BA (Hons) Business Studies (1994)
Wong Siu Fai, Bryan 黃兆輝
BSc(Hons) Applied Biology (1995)
MPhil Biology & Chemistry (1999)
PhD Biology & Chemistry (2002)


Chan Agnes 陳雅麗
BA (Hons) Information Systems (1996)

Chan Ka Wang, Kelvin 陳家宏
BBA (Hons) Managerial Statistics (2007)

Chiu Chi Kit, Teddy 趙志傑
BBA (Hons) Electronic Commerce (2004)
Chu Ming Hing, Kenny 朱明興
HD Accountancy (1999)
MSc Finance (2004)

Chui Kwok On, Brian 崔國安
HD Building Services Engineering (2001)
BBA (Hons) Information Systems (2003)

Fan Ka Fai, Andrew 范家輝
BA (Hons) Business Studies (1988)

Leung Sik Yan, Joy 梁式欣
BSocSc (Hons) Policy Studies and Administration (2006)
Lo Billie, Christine 盧志琨
Bachelor of Laws (Hons) (2006)
Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (2007)

Lo Mei Suet, Miyuki 盧美雪
AA Applied Chinese Studies (2004)

Tang Locto 鄧樂濤
BSc (Hons) Applied Chemistry (2001)

Tong Kar Wai 湯嘉偉
BA (Hons) Public and Social Administration (1989)
Master of Law (2005)

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