About Us

Vision and Mission  
  • Let every Citian be proud of CityU
  • To unite CityU alumni in One to support CityU development
  • To create bonding in the growing alumni family
  • To promote the caring culture in the University community
  • To establish effective communication between the Convocation and the CityU management and (確立評議會與城大的有效溝通渠道)
  • To develop good relations between CityU and the general public
  • To strengthen the relationship among members of the Convocation and between the Convocation and the University;
  • To promote good relations between the University and the general public;
  • To discuss any matter relating to the development of the University including any matter referred to it by the Council and to make recommendations to the Council; and
  • To promote the objectives and activities of the University.
Core Values
The core values of the Standing Committee of CityU Convocation are as follows:
  • Caring
  • Transparency
  • Representation
  • Social responsibility

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