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Brief Background of CityU Convocation
The University Convocation is a statutory body formed in accordance with the University Ordinance, and its constitution and function shall be as stipulated by the Statue (Statue 10) and subject to the approval of the Council.

The Convocation of the University can further strengthen the alumni network and facilitate alumni taking part in University development through an established structure and system. This natural progression, as provided for under the University Ordinance, reflects the growing maturity of alumni and your relationship with the University through increased interest in alumni activities and services, and support for your alma mater through various means. CityU hopes that through such an enhanced University-alumni relationship, you will find a more significant and elevated association with your alma mater.

香港城市大學評議會是根據大學條例而成立的畢業生法定組織。大學評議會常務委員會努力加強城大校友的網絡及促進校友參與大學發展,透過不同的途徑包括活動及服務,增加校友對母校的支持,並與城大一起實踐 "團結校友,支持母校發展" 的精神。


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