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Organising Committee  
From City University of Hong Kong Convocation 評議會
In preparation for the establishment of the Convocation, an organising committee, comprising experienced and active alumni leaders and the then DAO colleagues formed in October 2005 to draft the constitution, rules of meeting, and other operational arrangements, including the formation of a standing committee.
  • Front row (from left to right) : Mr Chan Yung, Mr Danny Fok, Mr Patrick Lee, Mr Danny Luk, Mr Will Ma, Mr Gyver Lau, Mr Cheung Yan
  • Back row (from left to right) : Mr Weeky Wong, Mr Andy Wong, Mr Savio Wong, Mr Andrew Fan, Ms Kathy Chan, Ms Alice Chan, Mr Steven Kwan, Mr David Hui, Mr Lawrence Yam, Dr Wallace Ma, Mr Paul Lo, Mr Jason Chan
  • Not in the photo : Ms Sandy Wong, Ms Clara Chau

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