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Freshmen including local and non-local students were warmly greeted at the annual University Welcoming Ceremony held by CityU on 23 August. President Way Kuo began the University Welcoming Ceremony by acknowledging how the CityU freshmen had successfully persevered in defeating the uncertainty presented by COVID-19 over the past two years to enter university. Their determination echoes the CityU spirit as symbolised by the University Mascot, i.e. to “venture beyond boundaries and conquer challenges”.

Besides, the University Mascot helped to celebrate the first school day on 29 August by wishing everyone at the gathering on campus an enjoyable and rewarding 2022/23. Life-size cardboard cutouts of the Mascot will be placed around the campus to help promote CityU’s special characteristics and will be highly visible at publicity events and on various promotional channels.

The innovative idea of establishing a University Mascot was initiated by President Kuo. The Mascot reflects CityU’s wise, vital, vigorous and proactive character, a set of traits that CityU shares with the tiger. The final decision on the design for the Mascot was taken by a working group composed of representatives from administrative and academic departments (including a professor from veterinary medicine) after discussions held over several months. This was the Mascot’s first public appearance since its launch on University Day in March 2022.

The Convocation counts on fellow alumni’s continuous support to build an even stronger network. Please watch out for more Convocation events via its website and Facebook!

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