Celebration Widgets for 2022 Commencement - The Convocation of City University of Hong Kong

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Celebration Widgets for 2022 Commencement 2022-05-25

Celebration Widgets for 2022 Commencement

To celebrate with our graduands for the 2022 Commencement, CityU Convocation has supported the Alumni Relations Office to prepare a series of Celebration Widgets for the graduating students to share their joy with friends and loved ones.


* AR Photo Filters

Graduands can use the Facebook Camera app and select the 2 specially designed filters to take their graduation photos, and then share the photos via Facebook.

  Filter 1

(Selecting your favourite background image of CityU campus)

Filter 2

(Selecting the cartoon sticker of your College / School)




WhatsApp / Signal Stickers by CityU Convocation

Cartoon stickers featuring individual Schools/ Colleges have been created with the support of CityU Convocation. Check out the one specially designed for your School/College.
Please visit HERE to download the WhatsApp / Signal stickers to your mobile device.






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