"From the President"– the quarterly newsletter for alumni – Sep issue - The Convocation of City University of Hong Kong

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"From the President"– the quarterly newsletter for alumni – Sep issue 2019-09-27

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27 September 2019

Dear alumni,

CityU has kicked off the new academic year by welcoming new students to the CityU family. Beyond acquiring knowledge, I encourage students to make the most of their four years at CityU by cultivating life skills in communication and creativity.

At CityU we infuse the campus with a creative spirit as exemplified by the CityU Exhibition Gallery. We are very honoured to present 12 original drawings by Leonardo da Vinci in this art space during the fall semester. This exhibition marks the first time these masterpieces from the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Milan, are on display in Hong Kong. In commemorating the 500th anniversary of the artist’s passing, this showcase of Leonardo’s genius, I hope, will inspire you to explore the diversity of human and natural knowledge through the arts, humanities, sciences and technology.

In tribute to Leonardo’s continuing influence, nine contemporary artists, mostly from CityU’s School of Creative Media, have produced new artworks, imagining what Leonardo would have done in this era of digital media and virtual reality. Check out this unique exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci. Art & Science, Then & Now” running until 15 December at the CityU Exhibition Gallery (18/F, Lau Ming Wai Academic Building, CityU).

Our commitment to creativity and the interdisciplinary nature of our teaching and research helps to improve people’s lives. The memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed recently with the University of Oxford will strengthen collaboration in health engineering, in particular in tackling cardiovascular disease (CVD). One of the leading causes of death worldwide, CVD claimed almost twice as many lives as cancer in 2018, according to the World Health Organisation. We are proud to be advancing research in this area of critical importance.

Another recently signed MOU will formalise a long-term collaboration with Ocean Park in veterinary sciences education, animal research and conservation education at the Park’s zoological attractions. Under the MOU, students from CityU’s Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences will undertake job shadowing at the Park under the close supervision of a team of experienced veterinarians. In addition, the Park’s Zoological Operations and Conservation Department will partner with CityU’s School of Creative Media to enhance the guest journey experience at the Sea Jelly Spectacular attraction, while the University’s School of Data Science will refine data collection practices for a better understanding of animal behaviour and expanding the relevant database.

On 17 September, we were honoured that several distinguished members of society accepted our invitation to join the CityU family. Professor Cliff Sun Kai-lit, Mr Herbert Tsoi Hak-kong and Dr Yip Kit-chuen were conferred the title of Honorary Fellow in recognition of their distinctive contributions to the development of, and service to, the University and the community. We thank them for their considerable contributions to CityU and society-at-large.

Last month, the Elder Academy’s 10th anniversary was attended by 200 participants including “senior” graduates from the Academy. Following an idea proposed by Dr Edward Leong Che-hung, former Chairman of the Elderly Commission, the Academy allows elders to study alongside CityU undergraduates to enhance integration between the generations and promote life-long learning. To provide a friendly environment in which students learn and grow while upholding the spirit of harmony and caring is my target for CityU.

Finally, I would like to thank colleagues in the Emergency Response Unit and colleagues in other units for their assistance to staff and students in the midst of the current challenges in Hong Kong. We call upon the University community to join together so that everyone can study and work in a safe and harmonious environment.

Way Kuo
President and University Distinguished Professor

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