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University Announcement: Setting up Emergency Response Unit 成立緊急事故應變小組 2019-08-13
Setting up Emergency Response Unit

Dear Staff and Students,
The University is deeply concerned about the latest developments in Hong Kong, and the safety of our staff and students remains our top priority. In response to the escalation of public sentiment in Hong Kong on 11 August, the President of CityU immediately set up the Emergency Response Unit (ERU).
Yesterday (12 August), the University intended to take the initiative to invite students to have an open dialogue with Professor Horace Ip Ho-shing, Vice-President (Student Affairs), and Mr Sunny Lee Wai-kwong, Vice-President (Administration), on 14 or 15 August, regarding the proposal of setting up the ERU. We regret that the Students’ Union has not reached a consensus on the arrangement so far.
The President has appointed Professor Ip and Mr Lee to lead the ERU. It comprises Professor Eric Chui, Dean of Students, Professor Richard Yuen Kwok-kit, Acting Director of Communications and Public Relations Office, and Ms Winnie Pong, Supervisory Executive Officer of Student Development Services. The ERU will co-ordinate various departments to provide staff and students with appropriate assistance in accordance with the changing social circumstances.
Staff and students who are in need or who encounter special circumstances can contact ERU for assistance through Professor Eric Chui and Student Development teams.
The University continues to remain open in communicating with staff and students via various channels. We again urge our students to pay the utmost attention to their safety and that of others. We respect peaceful, rational and non-violence activities but will not tolerate any forms of violence or vulgar speech.
Professor Richard Yuen Kwok-kit
Acting Director of Communications and Public Relations Office
13 August 2019
Copy: CityU alumni



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