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University Announcement: CityU's response 2019-08-05
CityU's response

Dear Staff, Students and Alumni,

The university management and the President have been closely keeping track of what is going on in Hong Kong in the last two months. We have also called on the government to respond to our students’ requests for the welfare of the entire Hong Kong community.
The President is particularly concerned about the safety of our students and the worry people have. He has cancelled his personal leave and returned to CityU in order to lead the concerted efforts involving various departments to provide necessary support to the students. The management has not only kept itself well-informed of the public demands through multiple channels, but also initiated communication and contact with the students, exchanging views with them through candid dialogue. At the same time, the University is in touch with different student organisations around the clock and has encouraged them to contact the University immediately if in need, including the Dean of Student, Professor Eric Chui, and Student Development Services.
As for the students' behaviour, it should not be a matter of concern as the University has always acted according to existing regulations and rules. The new school year is about to begin. We urge the government to respond to social demands so that emotions of all sides can calm down and enjoy a relaxing holiday before we welcome the challenges of the new school year.

Professor Richard Yuen Kwok-kit
Acting Director of Communications and Public Relations Office
4 August 2019






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