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University Announcement: Response to the 2019-07-05
Response to the “Employer Satisfaction with Graduates” report and related media coverage
Dear Colleagues, Students and Alumni,
Recently, there has been media coverage (dated 28 June) quoting documents from the University Grants Committee (UGC) related to University Accountability Agreements (UAA). The report cited data from the Education Bureau (EDB) in 2016, stating “CityU graduates score the lowest in employers’ satisfaction”. The University considers the document to be unfair and does not believe that it objectively reflects the latest development of CityU graduates. The University has therefore issued a letter to the media asking for clarification and has put forward a strong protest to the UGC. Following is the relevant rationale:
1. The ratings on various aspects of university graduates stated in the UGC document are not based on any surveys conducted by professional academic institutions. The sample size of 2,244 in this report is miniscule in comparison to that used by professional ranking evaluation agencies, such as QS and Times Higher Education (THE), which normally conduct surveys with a sample size exceeding 50,000. In addition, in the employer responses on about 2,000 first degree graduates, only 267 of them had employed CityU graduates. Considering we graduate several thousand students every year, no generalisations at all can be drawn from the results from this relatively small sample.
2. In the past three years, CityU has continued to devote tremendous resources and effort to improving the quality of teaching and learning, nurturing talent and producing graduates whose employability is widely recognised. In the 2019 QS graduate employability ranking, CityU ranked 121–130 worldwide and second in Hong Kong. This global ranking certainly seems more reflective of reality given the much larger sample size, so it is puzzling why the UGC ignored it.
3. The EDB survey results are questionable to say the least, and in any case, there was only a small difference of 3.52 to 3.77 in the scores of the eight UGC-funded universities in the UAA document, which is not really statistically significant. This controversial report was publicised at a critical time, when many of the Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS) applicants were considering their choice of universities. CityU regrets that this report might unfairly lead to misunderstanding among the public about the University, thus affecting the JUPAS applicants’ impressions and choices related to CityU.
4. Therefore, the University has put forward a strong protest in relation to the above statement, expressing our deep concern that the report has been released without proper consideration of the potential consequences.
We hope the media and members of the public will examine the strengths and latest developments of CityU in a more objective manner.

Communications and Public Relations Office
5 July 2019

1. 教資會文件中就僱主對大學畢業生各項表現的評分,並不是由專業學術機構進行的調查;此問卷調查之低樣本量(2,244)相對於專業排名機構如QS和泰晤士高等教育(THE)所做之通常樣本量(超過50,000)是微乎其微。再加上,是次調查所回收的約2,000份問卷中,只有267名僱主有聘用城大畢業生,對比起城大每年就有畢業生數千人,如此超小樣本的結果有失偏頗,不具普遍適用性。
2. 過去三年,城大群策群力,提升教與學素質,作育英才,學生就業力廣受認可。根據QS全球大學畢業生就業能力排名,城大畢業生在2019年的全球排名為121-130位,位列全港第二。這個比較全球大學的數字,更能反映事實,教資會居然捨棄不用,確實令人不解。
3. 教育局的問卷調查結果令人質疑之外,在該文件中所列八間教資會資助大學的評分間距極小,最大的差距只是3.52到3.77,在統計上的意義甚小。而此次爭議性報道見刊於大學聯合招生辦法(JUPAS)學生擇校之時,時機敏感。對該報道可能導致公眾對城大產生誤解,影響JUPAS考生對城大的印象及選擇,城大表示遺憾。
4. 為此,校方已向教資會作出強烈抗議,對其沒有在發佈報告前,充份考慮報告所帶來的負面後果深表遺憾。



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