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University Announcement: Guidelines on the use of campus facilities 2018-11-14

Guidelines on the use of campus facilities

Dear colleagues, students and alumni,

We received some enquiries from the media yesterday regarding a news report about a meeting held on campus by a political party. We would like to stress that CityU has no knowledge of the meeting mentioned in the news report. Mr Sunny Lee Wai-kwong, Vice-President (Administration), is now looking into the issue, while Professor Geraint Howells, Dean of the School of Law, has been requested to investigate the matter for further handling.
We would like to reiterate that students can use facilities on campus, and that teaching and meeting activities are not monitored and activities are not reviewed beforehand.
It should be noted that CityU maintains political neutrality and, according to university regulations, political activities or activities involving political parties are not allowed on campus.
CityU enhances the understanding of common law among Chinese judges and encourages academic exchanges and collaboration on scientific research. In the past ten years, with the aim to improve legal literacy and foster academic exchange between Hong Kong and the mainland, we have provided master and doctoral degree programmes and short-term training courses for mainland judges. Nearly 800 judges from courts at various levels on the mainland have benefited from these efforts. CityU’s recent collaboration with the National Judges College on applying “big data” to researching case studies is a prominent example of fostering judicial development.

Communications and Public Relations Office
14 November 2018




昨天報章來電城大,詢問並報導有政黨在城大校園舉行會議,引起關注。大學對報導之事,並不知情,校方正由副校長 (行政)李惠光先生主持跟進,並請法律學院院長 Professor Geraint Howells 教授了解事情的真相,以作處理。






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