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Convocation Fundraising for Student Development
The Convocation of the City University of Hong Kong is a statutory body established in accordance with the City University of Hong Kong Ordinance. In support of the development of the University and students, the Convocation has launched a fundraising initiative for student development. The donations received under this project will be used to support the following areas:

CityU Convocation Scholarships for outstanding students

CityU Convocation Bursaries for needy students

CityU Convocation Student Activity Awards for meaningful student activities and projects

Your generous support towards the above initiative is highly appreciated.

Please click HERE for the Donation Form.

Updates as at now

Donation Received: HK$250,828.5

Matching Grant: HK$142,700.00

Pearl Anniversary Sponsor

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of City University of Hong Kong! CityU has taken great strides to become a leading global university. Building on the University impressive credentials, and with your support, it will continue to scale new heights.

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